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In high school, I wanted to make movies, so I started my animation journey by creating stop-motion animated films using LEGO men. These guys were the perfect actors. I could create any type of movie I wanted thanks to all the LEGO brands I had collected over the years.

Fast Forward 10 years or so, I heard they were making a Animated Feature for LEGO, The Lego Movie. I was lucky enough that the stars aligned and the film studio chose to collaborate with my previous workplace, Animal Logic. I was taken on as an animator on The Lego Movie and it certainly was a dream come true. The animation style of the film was directed to feel exactly like the old brick films I had created as a high schooler.

On the film, I got to animate all the main characters and worked on large scale shots with up to 30 animated characters and parts. This film was super fun to work on and the animators were encouraged to bring their own creative ideas to the shots, resulting in a lot of laughs in the reviews.

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