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My Role  Character aNIMATOR

I got the chance to return to collaborate with the creative minds at Luma Pictures to work on my third Marvel project ANT-MAN. This project was one of my favourites of recent times as I feel I got to have a big impact on the final film.

My role involved animating the hero characters, Ant-Man and his pet ant Anthony. All performances were keyframe with only a small amount using heavily edited motion capture data. I really liked this project as I was able to work on shots from staging, pre-visualisation, blocking, all the way to final polished animation.

One highlight was designing and blocking a lengthy shot of Ant-Man flying through the internals of the computer servers. With the creative brief of “make it cool,” I was able to bring in server assets, develop cool flying manoeuvres, craft sweet electricity/spark bursts all resulting in a awesome moment in the film.

Below is a showreel of some of the shots taken from that film that I worked on.


Film Showreel

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