Created at DT Digital   |   My Role: Lead Designer

Whilst freelancing at DT Digital, I was given the task of designing a microsite and suite of banners that celebrated the 40th anniversary of the BMW M class. The microsite had to have the modern, sophisticated racing feel, as well as feel very slick in a non-flash world. I designed the pages to work in a seamless, horizontal slideshow, to show the full range. Users would choose the model they were interested in and be whooshed to their selection. My design “heros” the car, by presenting the images fullscreen, showing users exactly what they want to see. Users can get further detailed information, as well as some “internet only” videos of the cars driving outside Australian advertising standards. The website is matched beautifully on a mobile device, taking cues from the original intentions and tailoring them to the mobile conventions. All designs were created by me. Car images supplied.

The website has now been removed from the internet. However it lives on in my PSDs.


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